We are here when crisis hits.

Let’s face it – very few people look forward to needing a lawyer. For many of our clients, they never dreamed the day would come when they needed our help.

The same is true of fire departments. Nobody thinks they will need the fire department. But when crisis hits, they know whom to call. They call the folks with the hook and ladder.

Over 100 years ago, our building housed the Pioneer Hook and Ladder Company No. 1 and its volunteer firemen, along with Pioneer Hose Reel Company No. 5 and its horse-drawn fire wagon.   Certainly, nobody looked forward to needing those firefighters with their hooks and ladders. Nobody wants their life to be in flames. But sometimes, fires happen; sometimes, life does not go according to our plan. And that’s when the Pioneer Hook and Ladder Company No. 1 showed up. They were there when crisis hit.

We at Cook & Tolley, LLP are carrying on that same tradition.

Frankly, we hope you never need many of our services. But let’s face it – sometimes, life does not go the way we hoped it would. When you get charged with a crime, when you or someone you love gets hurt or dies because of another person’s negligence, when your marriage falls apart – in those moments, you need a lawyer who is experienced, respected, and tough.

We are here to help protect your future.

Our hook and ladder emblem is within a shield. The shield symbolizes the tools and strength you need when you are dealing with that accusation, that terrible loss, that broken relationship. We stand with our clients and give them the tools and strength they could not have on their own.

But the shield stands for more than that. It also stands for protecting your future. Some of our work at Cook & Tolley, LLP is not crisis-related. You have a plan, and you need our help turning it into reality. We are here to help your plans succeed. In your real estate, business, and estate planning needs, we work to give you the security of knowing that the job was done right and to free you from worry.

We are here to give you peace of mind.

So whether your life is in flames or you need a more certain future, let us hear from you.