Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once said, “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.” That certainly is true in litigation. To gain or hold the victory, you sometimes have to go through an appeal.

An appeal is when a “higher” court, such as the Supreme Court of Court of Appeals, reviews the decision of a “lower” court, meaning a court where trials take place.

Not all decisions get appealed. However, if your case is appealed, you need a lawyer who knows how to win in both those “higher” and “lower” courts. We have that experience, in both the State and Federal appeals systems. Whether your case is in the Georgia courts or the United States courts, we can help you hold onto victory or set things right.

If the trial court made a right decision that helps you, our lawyers can help you hold onto that victory on appeal. And if the trial court made a wrong decision that hurt your case, we know how to pursuade an appeals court to make things right.

If your case is headed to an appeal, do not delay in contacting us. Appeals have strict – and sometimes very short – deadlines. In order to hold onto your victory or to set an error right, please contact us right away.

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