You have plans. We have the tools – wills, trusts, advice, and more – to help make those plans reality.

You have worked hard to have your money reflect your priorities. Perhaps those priorities are providing for your family, supporting a charity or cause that you are passionate about, lifting someone out of financial uncertainty, or promoting the success of your business. After you are gone, you want your estate to continue reflecting your priorities.

We can help. Let us plan with you for a continuing legacy – one that speaks to what is most important to you. Because at certain points in life, there are really only two choices – either you decide your future, or someone else will decide it for you. We want to empower you to be the decision-maker when it comes to your estate.

We also can help ensure that important decisions get handled correctly, even when the original decision-maker is incapacitated. Perhaps you or someone who love needs an advocate, somebody to make financial or health decisions when that person cannot. We can build the correct power of attorney, to make sure that important decisions can still get made when they need to be.

Whether you need a will, a trust, a power of attorney, or just some estate-planning guidance, please contact us. We want to help make your plans reality.

Specializing attorney: Gregory C. “Greg” Sowell