We all hope for happy, stable homes. That sort of home provides a strong foundation for individual and family success.

Sometimes, though, that stability fails. A marriage heads for separation or divorce. Custody or child support needs to established or enforced. In times like those, you and your children need someone who can help make the best of a tough situation – someone who can provide protection and set you on the path of finding a strong foundation again. You need someone to help you find stability again.

At Cook & Tolley, LLP, we know how to protect your interests and achieve the best for your children.   In family law, both a lawyer and the client often have to be tough. But at the same time, aggressive is not the only approach we take. If a problem can be solved peacefully and through mutual agreement , we want to make that happen. We will work hard to allow you to reach the best solution for you and your family.

We understand that when your home becomes unstable, it is an intensely hard and emotional time. The attorneys at Cook & Tolley, LLP have a wealth of experience that allows them to remain focused on the important issues at hand and provide the best possible guidance through difficult times. We pay attention to your needs and the needs of your children, helping you with our perspective and guidance, while also being firm with opposition. That way, we can help keep molehills from becoming mountains.

Whether you need a divorce, need to establish or modify custody, or need to make sure the children have the financial support they need, we are here. We can listen to your particular needs and desires and tailor our approach to fit your circumstance.

When crisis hits, let us help you find a stable and successful home life once again.