If you serve in local government, it can seem at times that all you hear are complaints and problems.  At Cook & Tolley, LLP, we understand your challenges, and we offer solutions.

We appreciate that successful local governments are all about transparency, good long-range planning, efficient delivery of needed services, and quick and effective responses when the ox is in the ditch.

Our attorneys have decades of experience in handling every issue faced by local governments.  This experience comes from advising, counselling and defending cities, counties, school boards, development authorities, and housing authorities.

If you need help drafting an ordinance, facilitating a public meeting, reviewing a public works contract, obtaining public financing (including bonds), negotiating intergovernmental agreements, conducting an independent investigation, defending a lawsuit, or any one of the thousand other things that come up in the local government arena, we stand ready to help.

Specializing attorneys:  Gregory C. Sowell, Edward D. Tolley