When relatives become aged, families may struggle to provide the necessary care that their loved ones require. In these difficult situations, many place their trust in a nursing home. They trust that qualified professionals will meet the medical and personal needs of their loved ones.

But when a nursing home breaks that trust, the results can be tragic. Our most vulnerable loved ones can become neglected or abused. They can end up injured or killed.

At that point, you need a lawyer who is experienced, respected, and tough. At Cook & Tolley, LLP, we know that the harm a nursing home has done may have its roots in some corner-cutting business decisions made miles away from your loved one’s room.

No business, including a nursing home, can do its job properly unless it is willing to hire enough competent staff and train them well. Under-staffing and under-training at a nursing home puts our loved ones at risk in the following ways:

  • decreased time with a nursing professional
  • delayed or missed medications
  • inadequate food or water
  • injuries related to bed sores
  • over-worked employees, which lead to a high turnover rate and an inexperienced work force.

Under-staffed nursing homes and unqualified nursing home workers put patients at risk, yet many owners knowingly fail to hire or adequately train enough competent employees. Why? Profits. Good hiring and training costs money. Some owners of nursing homes are more concerned with cutting corners than in respecting your loved one.

When workers are incompetent, over-worked, or under-trained, the residents suffer. Some nursing home injuries happen quickly, such as physical abuse, a fall, or leaving the facility without supervision. Quite often, though, the harm is a long time coming. In these situations – malnutrition, rough handling, bedsores – the nursing home had plenty of opportunity to keep from harming your loved one, if only they had listened.

If you think you might have a nursing home case, please contact us. And please do not delay. There is a two-year deadline for filing a lawsuit, and it can be hard sometimes to determine when the nursing home first injured your loved one.

We look forward to speaking with you.

Specializing attorneys: J. Vincent Cook, R. Christopher Irwin, III